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Box 1 - £7.00

• Deep Fried Chicken Pieces

• BBQ Ribs (Cut Small No Sauce) 

• 1 Sausage

• 1 Chicken Ball

• Chips

• Tub of Sauce (Gravy, Curry OR BBQ) or instead of sauce a Drink


Box 2 - £15.00

• Salted Chilli Chicken

• Small Chicken Curry Breast

• Small Chicken Black Bean (Change To A Different Sauce Dish* for £1 Extra, Chicken/Beef ONLY)

• Chips and Fried Rice


Box 3 - £24.50

• BBQ Ribs (Cut Small No Sauce)

• Salted Chilli Chicken

• 3 Sausage

• 3 Onion Rings

• 3 Chicken Ball

• Tub of Sauce (Gravy, Curry OR BBQ)

• Chips and Fried Rice

• 2x Small Sauce Dishes of Your Choice* (Chicken /Beef ONLY)

• 3x Cans

*Sauce Dishes

Curry, Sweet & Sour, Sweet Chilli, Black Bean or chilli, Black pepper, Oyster , Kung Po, Garlic Chilli, Szechuan, Peking, Hot Peking ONLY


Please inform our staff before placing your order if you have allergies